Vehicle Magnets sign With Custom Lettering 12" X 24" (Set of 2) - WOOD PANEL

Cars are a matter of pride. And if you really “own” your car then you should use a personalized car door magnet. Create magnet designs for fun and entertainment. Write personalized messages or just use a family pic. Make your car door magnets unique and different.

Magnet signs will not stick to aluminum door (please check your vehicle before order)

It is important to regularly(weekly) clean your magnetic signs and metal surface.
* During hot weather, if you left car outside(1-2weeks) with magnet signs on, the magnet sign can be bonded(baked) to paint. It is recommended that your signs be removed daily.
* During cold weather, the magnet sign become brittle and there will be more chance fly-off from vehicle. So please caution when handling during cold weather.



Turnaround Time: 4-5 Business days


- Design magnates for different shapes and sizes

- Upload personal photos and images

- Preview magnet designs online

12.00 x 24.001$ 54.99
2$ 107.00
3$ 158.00
4$ 204.00
5$ 252.00
6$ 299.00
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Professional Desinger Help

Select one of our design templates or send us your pictures along with decription of how you want them. We'll have your own version of custom design within 2-3 days. You can have upto 3times of modification from initial design.

Total :$ 54.99
Estimated Total :$ 54.99