Target Marketing 5x7

Pinpoint Your Target Audience!!!

This service allows you to select the specific target audience with demographics defined by age, gender, income, and etc. that is suitable for your business. Mailing will be delivered to the selected audience with recipients' name and address.
Therefore, since it requires mailing lists, address printing, and NOCA verifications for mailing; it will cost you much more than EDDM and EDDM Plus.


How it works:

1. Selecting Area

Please provide us the zip codes you're interested in or the radius from one or more addresses. We then define the search with demographics(income, gender, age, and etc) you have chosen.
Just fill out the form at the bottom of this page, we'll take care of the rest...

2. Printing & Mailing Preperation

Once the quantity of the mail piece is recognized from your demographic search, the next step is printing your design suitable for the quantity selected. You have an option to have Matte Finishing on both front & back sides or UV Coating on one side only. (Either way, there is no additional charge).
Please keep in mind that the total turnaround time for Printing & Mailing Preparation takes about 5-7 business days

3. Design

We accept the following types of files: .jpg, .jpeg, .psd, .tif, .tiff, .eps, .ai, and .png.
The most recommended way of saving your file is in a .PDF.

We prefer and recommend you to send your file in .PDF or .EPS files with Outlined Fonts .
This way, it will most likely speed up your turnaround time and there are less error in handling your work.
Please remember to add crop marks and flatten your files before uploading .

Custom design service is also available (additional charge may apply)

4. Mailing

After mailing preperation has been completed; the mails are delivered to post office. Time it takes for the customers in your area to receive the mail varies upon the area and also type of mail. Please request further information individually. we will provide you an original receipt from the post office as a proof of service. This receipt contains the detailed information of the job; month and date of the service, name of the business, type of mailing service, quantity of the mails that have been dispatched.

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