EDDM® (Every Door Direct Mail®) basically covers the entire town or a portion of each zip-code by carrier route numbers. It guarantees the lowest postage rate; but please keep in mind that since it is mailed without the recipient's name and address; there may be some delivery issues especially around clustered apartment building areas.


How it works:

1. Selecting Area

By using usps map. please locate your targeted area. From there, you can understand the Route Table and Demographics of the area, figure out the quantity of your mail piece, and obtain the estimated amount of the postage.
Once you're done selecting the area, please let us know the zip codes and route numbers that follows and we will proceed with the configuration of the mail piece quantity and other necessary preparations.

2. Printing & Mailing Preperation

Once the quantity of the mail piece is recognized, the next step is printing your design suitable for the quantity selected.
You have an option to have UV Coating on both front & back sides or one side only. (Either way, there is no additional charge). Then with the mail pieces, we proceed with the Mailing Preparations by dividing them to each carrier route numbers. Please keep in mind that the total turnaround time for Printing & Mailing Preparation takes about 5-7 business days.

3. Design

We accept the following types of files: .jpg, .jpeg, .psd, .tif, .tiff, .eps, .ai, and .png.
The most recommended way of saving your file is in a .PDF.

We prefer and recommend you to send your file in .PDF or .EPS files with Outlined Fonts .
This way, it will most likely speed up your turnaround time and there are less error in handling your work.
Please remember to add crop marks and flatten your files before uploading .

Custom design service is also available (additional charge may apply)

4. Delivery & Mailing

Once it is ready to be mailed, you have two options.
1. We can ship it directly to you so you can participate in the process by delivering it to your local postal office yourself; so you can understand the procedure. (We will provide all the necessary documents, mail pieces bundle up, and the postage.)
2. We can finish the whole procedure on our end. (Only thing you have to do is wait for our confirmation and the receipt from the postal office.) Either way, there is no additional charge.

Price Calculator

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